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As the saying goes:

"The sun is the greatest disinfectant."

We here at the Government Sunshine Project, are dedicated to doing exactly that! By illuminating what's happening behind closed doors in our local government, we are allowing the citizens to keep our elected officials more accountable in hopes to disinfect our highly stained representative democracy.


Our mission is to provide highlight reels of local government meetings and have it be more accessible to the public. These are already accessible to the public but no one has the time to review the whole thing. We'll do that for you.

Our vision is to see a community of citizens that embrace thought, critical thinking, and healthy dialogue especially when there are differences. We aim to see a community of diverse educated voters that can reason respectfully and logically with other voters who might not share the same beliefs.


We celebrate differences and nuances of humanity here.

We think it's time to be informed, stay informed, and bring true public discourse back in our society and provide a space for how democracy was truly intended.

Government Sunshine Project

Local government illumunators

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