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Carson City Council Considers Retail Sales of Marijuana/Cannabis - 11/09/2015

ISSUE: City of Carson considers Retail Sales of Marijuana/Cannabis on the November 2020 ballot.

FACTS: On November, 9, 2017, during a Special Meeting of the Carson City Council, the Council approved commercial marijuana growing, testing and manufacturing, as well as licensing door-to-door delivery operations and added restrictions on personal-use cultivation. This ordinance was adopted on a 3-1 Council Vote. Mayor Albert Robles and Council Members Jim Dear and Jawane Hilton voted in favor. Council Member Cedric Hicks was opposed. Council Member Lula Davis-Holmes was not present for the vote.

On November 6, 2018, the voters approved Measure CA, which approved the City Charter with 13,679 votes. The Charter Amendment restricted commercial marijuana growing, testing and manufacturing to four locations only, one in each quadrant of the City. Retail sales of marijuana/cannabis were expressly banned.

Pursuant to California Business and Professions Code section 26090(e), Cities like Carson cannot prevent the delivery of cannabis or cannabis products on public roads by a licensee acting in compliance with State law. With this context, on August 4, 2020, the Carson City Council considered a ballot measure to further amend the City Charter to allow retail sales of marijuana/cannabis within the City (THIS VIDEO). Mayor Albert Robles motioned to put this matter to the voters and was seconded by Jim Dear. Council Member Cedric Hicks offered a substitute motion to table this issue for after the election. The vote on the substitute motion was approved 3-2. The motion to table until after the election was approved by Council Members Lula Davis-Holmes, Cedric Hicks, and Jim Dear. The motion to table was opposed by Mayor Albert Robles and Council Member Jawane Hilton.

The current commercial cannabis ordinance in effect can be found here:

SOURCES: The full video of the Carson City Council's August 4, 2020 meeting can be found here:

This issue is item #16 and begins at 2:32:24 mark. Daily Breeze Reporting on Marijuana/Cannabis in Carson:

California Business and Professions Code 26090 (regulating delivery services for marijuana/cannabis can be found here:

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