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Carson City Council - Imperial Park Estates "Relocation Plan" - 07/07/2020


What is the appropriate remedy for moving 225 mobile homes in Carson?


FROM PART 1 - can be found here:

A developer has purchased the Imperial Park Estates mobile home park. Pursuant to STATE LAW, the owner has the RIGHT to close the park. However, state law allows the City of Carson to review and approve the relocation plan for the current homeowners within the mobile home park.

Some of the homeowners within Imperial Park Estates complained about the inadequate alternatives offered by the property owner. The average compensation offered was ~$76,000 to mobile homeowners, despite some owners that purchased their homes for THREE TIMES that amount.

The Planning Commission took several recommendations from the residents but did not significantly increase the payouts to mobile homeowners. The Planning Commission approved the relocation plan, 8-0, as follows:

YES: Diaz, Fe’esago, Madrigal, Mitoma, Pimentel, Rahman, Rashad, Valdez

NOES: None


ABSENT: Cainglet, Palmer


Mayor Robles filed an appeal of the Planning Commission Decision of 5/13/20. Mayor Robles primary concern was the payment of up to $10,000 in legal fees to the Imperial Avalon Mobile Home Estates HOA's attorney, Tim Tatro.

Lots of debate ensued. Not much change for the mobile homeowners occurred. For those that choose to return to the new development once completed (at least 2 yr construction time) - the payouts to mobile home owners increased from 30% to 50% of appraised value and the time of reduced rent tenancy increased from 10 years to 25 years.

SOURCES: The full video of the City Council can be found here:

The staff report and public comment letters can be found here:

The meeting minutes are not yet published.

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