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Carson Planning Commission - Cinemark Theater Alcohol Beverage Request - 05/26/2015


Cinemark seeks approval from the Carson City Council to serve alcohol in the theater.


Cinemark appeared before the Carson Planning Commission to seek permission to serve alcohol in all of its theaters at the SouthBay Pavillion.

The Planning Commission explored with the applicant a limited use of alcohol, such as designated screens for "R" rated movies or otherwise. Cinemark insisted on a blanket approval for all screens, including those for "G" rated movies. The Carson Planning Commission denied the applicant's request in a 5-4 vote.

Those in favor of a blanket liquor approval for Cinemark: Commissioners Faletogo, Mitoma, Schaefer, and Madrigal. Those opposed were: Commissioners Andrews, Gordon, Post, Thomas, and Chairman Diaz.


Full VIdeo can be found here:

The City Staff report can be found here:

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