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Carson Planning Commission: Union South Bay Apartments Approval - 05/26/2015


The approval of the 357 Unit Apartment Complex at the corner of Carson and Avalon by the Carson Planning Commission.


The developer sought development of the project as a "market rate" project. Seeking no public money for construction, they had the option not to include any low-income units in the project. Nonetheless, Planning Commissioner Thomas pressed the builder on this issue. Their response was a flat, No.

Carson Planning Commission consisted of: Diaz (Chair), Andrews, Faletogo, Gordon, Madrigal, Mitoma, Post, Schaefer, and Thomas. The vote was 9-0 in favor.

The units at Union South Bay current rent for ~ $2,000 per unit for a 522 square foot studio as the low end; to ~ $3,000 per unit for a 1194 square foot two-bedroom. The project also has up to 32,000 square feet of commercial space on the ground floor. Tenants for the commercial space have not been announced.


Full Video of the Planning Commission Meeting can be found here: (Begins at 1:35:18)

The City of Carson Planning Department staff report can be found here:

The rental rates for Union South Bay can be found here:

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