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Pt 2 - The People vs City Hall - How approved 1000 feet moves to 750 feet. 10/13/2015

In Part 1, released on 9/15/20, the Carson Planning Commission concluded EIGHT MONTHS of concerted study and public comment on a comprehensive oil code.

The most contentious conversation was regarding how far away NEW oil operations should be from residential uses. The vast majority of citizens wanted 1500 feet or greater. The City Staff and Consultants strongly advocated for 500 feet. The Carson Planning Commission agreed with 1000 feet in its meeting on 10/13/15.

THE VERY NEXT MEETING, there was an unprecedented motion to reconsider the action already approved after EIGHT MONTHS of debate, public comment, and presentation.

WATCH CAREFULLY. Ask yourself, where have I seen these tactics before? Ask yourself, who is orchestrating all of this?

Vice-Chairman Madrigal's motion to reduce the previously approved setback from 1000-feet to 750-feet was APPROVED as follows: Yes: Commissioners Cinco, Mitoma, Pimentel, Madrigal and Chairman Diaz No: Commissioners Andrews, Palmer, Post and Thomas.

Coincidentally, ALL of the NO voters are NO LONGER ON PLANNING COMMISSION. I'm sure that is just a coincidence, right?


The full video of the Carson Planning Commission on 12/8/15 can be found here:

The staff report can be found here:

The meeting minutes can be found here:

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